Commercial Window Cleaning


At VMC, we are able to assess and deliver solutions for you which deliver the most cost-effective and productive results, regardless of the nature of your building. 

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning


Our window cleaners can obtain great results using reach and wash pole cleaning up to 3 floors high.  These systems make use of pure water.  Pure water attracts dirt within the window as it attempts to return to an unpure state. This holds the dirt and grime present on the window within the water.  The window cleaning process is then completed by a rinse from the water fed poles leaving the glass to dry spotlessly clean, sterile and without any detergent residue.  This type of window cleaning is also sometimes referred to as tucker pole or omni cleaning.

VMC select equipment based on their efficiency and high standards of cleaning to ensure our clients receive the best possible window cleaning results at their offices or premises whilst minimizing wastage of natural resources.