Janitorial Supplies

We have a huge range of products that will be beneficial for your workplace and employee’s health and well being.

Commercial & Domestic Washroom Accessories


Providing a wide range of washroom accessories such as bulk pack toilet tissues and a variety of hand towels, we provide a strong range of washroom hygiene products to meet your specific requirements.

Hand Care products


We stock a huge range of hand care product; from rich and luxurious to economical, we have a complete line of hand care systems to suit each customers need. Our innovative dispensers include free standing and wall-mounted styles.

Housekeeping Chemicals


For your housekeeping needs, we have a large collection of supplies from Air Freshener Units to Surface polishes.

Industrial Cleaning Products


We can provide a vast range of Industrial Cleaning products for your heavy duty cleaning and graffiti solutions.

Eco friendly products

At VMC we have total commitment to a cleaner and healthier environment, we offering all clients the opportunity to opt for our eco-friendly products, from Eco friendly antibacterial sanitisers to Toilet cleaner. Our full range of environmentally friendly products ensure your health and environment is not put at risk.

Washroom Services & Feminine Hygiene


A high standard of washroom hygiene is vital for your staff and customers well being and have the flexibility and experience to meet all your needs.

With over 10 years’ experience in the supply and servicing of equipment for washrooms.

Equipment & Machinery


We offer innovative solutions to your cleaning and grounds maintenance requirements and are forever searching the marking for new machinery / equipment that would be beneficial for our clients and the service we provide. Cleaning equipment and machinery can be provided for every area of your facility.

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