Disinfecting Fumigation

Eco Friendly

Non Irritant

Safe if Ingested

Fragrance Free

Alcohol Free

No Rinsing Required

Non Toxic

Child friendly Formula

Product features

ProSHIELD incorporates nanotechnology, provides instant 99.999% kill rate and neutralizes bad odours.

Our Fumigation Services

Antivirus Fumigation

ProShield Antivirus Disinfecting Fumigation incorporates nanotechnology, provides both instant kill and long term residue efficacy on all surfaces. Colourless, odourless and non toxic in the concentrations used and have been tested for efficacy in various circumstances.

Immediate Hygiene Control



@School/Training Centres

@Transportation Hubs

@Hospital/Medical Centres

@Office Towers

@Public/Common areas



@Shopping/Retail stores


@Public buses/Metro



@Homes and many more! 


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