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Disinfecting Fumigation

If you would like to completely sterilise and sanitise your working place we offer fumigation and disinfection services. We use a special ULV fumigator that releases disinfecting mist to kill any pests, bacteria and harmful materials. Because it is a mist it doesn’t interfere with your electrical equipment so you won’t have to make any special preparations.

Alternatively, should you wish to completely sterilize your surfaces we can use a disinfectant spray. This disinfectant spray will kill all viruses and bacteria including Covid-19.  Suitable for inside and outside, the disinfectant spray will ensure all of your ceilings, walls, tabletops, high touch area and floors are uncontaminated.

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MOH Guidelines Comply

Sanitizing according to MOH Guidelines

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Disinfect Effectively

effective against many bacteria and viruses related to public areas

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ECHA Aprroved Disinfectant 

Disinfectant with European Chemical Agency approval

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 Certificate will be issued once disinfecting service completed

Our Fumigation Services

Our Disinfectant

+ Versatile with a large activity spectrum

+ Non corrosive in solutions for materials

+ Stable

+ Eady to handle

+ No risk of building up resistant microorganisms

+ Registered and approved

Immediate Hygiene Control


 + Gymnasiums

 + School/Training Centre

 + Transportation Hubs

 + Hospital/Medical Centre

 +Office Towers

 + Public/Common areas

 + Washrooms

 + Clubs

 + Shopping/Retail stores

 + Factories

 + Public buses/Metro

 + Hotels

 + Restaurants/Kitchens 

 + Homes and many     more! 


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