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A service that is second to none. 

Starting from humble beginnings as a small business in Kuala Lumpur, Vision Mission Cleaning identified the need for a more comprehensive and professional cleaning service and has since become one of the leading commercial cleaning providers in Malaysia.

Founded in 2006, Vision Mission Cleaning developed its reputation in the high-end retail industry mainly in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. By focusing on our strength and passion, we have grown to provide our finest cleaning services in more than 100 locations, within a range of sectors including MNC offices, commercial centers, retail boutiques, retail chain stores, and factories in an environmentally sound and professional manner.


We are honored to announce that we have achieved corporate membership status with BICSc. (The British Institute of Cleaning Sciences)

BICSc is a prestigious auditor and trainer of the cleaning industry and we are now able to tap into their mega-bank of knowledge into the cleaning sciences and apply these across our range of services. We also plan to put all our operatives through the BICSc relevant training courses.

From the very beginning, our mission was to provide our cleaning operation crew with the best possible training and motivation. As a result, it would drive quality and customer satisfaction. Vision Mission Cleaning and BICSc aim on raising the standards through education in cleaning, Health & Safety, OSHA. We have also received good support by reviewing our insurance arrangements. That is why we are so proud of becoming a corporate member of The British Institute of Cleaning Science. During a worldwide pandemic, there is no better peace of mind when choosing a new contractor than one who has gone through the relevant due diligence to become a BICSc corporate member. 

We are honored to have flown through the accreditation process and been awarded BICSc membership, we fly their flag high to show what standards we achieve on a daily basis and will continue to raise the standards within the cleaning industry.

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Health and Safety is of utmost importance to us, our policies ensure high standards of care for the wellbeing of our employees, our clients, and the environment.

VMC recognizes and accepts responsibility as an employer for providing a safe and healthy workplace and working environment for all employees in premises under its direct control and also the need to co-operate fully with customers or prospective customers to provide similar facilities for our employees on premises not under the company’s control.

So far as is reasonably practicable the company will meet its Health and Safety responsibilities by means of good safety management and assessment of risks; providing and maintaining safe equipment and systems of work; giving sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own health and safety at work.

Vision Mission Cleaning is determined, through effective communication and training, to involve all the people that work in the company to ensure that the safety policy is successful and works in conjunction with Freedom Management Systems Health & Safety Consultancy.


Vision Mission Cleaning Sdn Bhd (912540-K)

Suite 11.01 Level 11 Menara MBf

No. 22 Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250, Kuala Lumpur WP, Malaysia

Tel: +603 2181 8005     |     Mobile: +6017 500 7870

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